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Welcome to the online home of the AWMTB Falcons Team

8X California State Champs, 2009 - 2012, 2015-2018 and 10X NorCal High School Mountain Bike League Champs (2004, 2006, 2009 through 2017)



  • Dec 7th Pick up raffle tickets by 3:35 pm Rm 125

  • Dec 11th    Sunday Cookie Ride

  • Dec 14th    Fitlab Spin Class (every Wednesday at 4:20pm) 


  • Jan 13th    Girls dinner and gear drop off

  • Jan 14th    Girls Overninght at the West Pt

  • Jan TBD    Raffle Sales United Market

  • Jan 15th    Sunday Team Rides Resume

  • Jan 21st    NorCal Girls GRIT camp Petaluma

  • Jan 26th    Mechanics Night

Welcome to the 2023 Season

Dont miss these upcoming events

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Sorry Folks, The Kit Store is Closed. 

Still Need To Signup for the Team, or perhaps you want to add your parent email to the team roster? 

Email: AWMTBdirector@gmail. com or and let them know.  We will send you an invite to join.

Why haven't you signed up yet?

Here is How to Register Your Rider for the Team

Registering your student for the team requires several steps. All items must be completed before students can participate in any team rides, including the first riding event on October 23.


Step 1: League registration.

Once you have signed up for the team and we have your phone# and email, you will receive an invitation to register your student with the league through the NICA Pit Zone ( Complete the registration info, sign the waiver and pay the registration fees. Do not pay any race fees since these will be collected as part of team dues.

Step 2: School Forms:

These forms are required by the District and AW High school. You will receive an email to complete these forms electronically via DocuSign. 

Step 3: MTB Participation Clearance Form:

This form includes a medical clearance from a physician. You will need to print and have your student’s physician complete the clearance. The clearance form is HERE! 


Step 4: Auto Insurance Policy Declarations:

The school forms (Step 2) require submission of current auto insurance policy declarations. You must provide either your entire auto insurance policy or the pages showing your name, policy effective dates, vehicle information, and coverage levels.


Note - your evidence of insurability card that you keep in your car is not sufficient unless it has all the info previously listed. Please include your student’s first and last name in the file name of your policy.


Upload completed pages 1, 2, and 5 HERE! 

Or email 

OR drop them off in Dan Freeman’s classroom (room 125).

Questions Contact


In case you are unsure how much fun it is.

Is My rider good enough to join the AWMTB Bike Team?



The bike team welcomes all folks who love to ride and looks forward to teaching riders to race.


How are riders assessed?

At the beginning of each season the team does a time trial ride up Loma Alta in Fairfax. This allows the coaches to assign riders to groups based on their riding ability. Those groups will then ride together for the season.


Can a rider move up in a group?    Yes, with coach permission.


Can a rider ride with a group they are not in?  Yes, with coach permission.


If I miss the time trial, how do I know what group I am in? 

It is strongly recommended that if you are a new rider, you attend the time trial. If this is not possible you should speak to your coaches for assessment and placement.


What are the groups?

Pink – Highest level of performance and endurance

Blue – High level of performance, high endurance

Green – Moderate level of performance and endurance

Purple – Beginner level of performance, moderate endurance.


If you still have questions about our system please do not hesitate to ask a coach.

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