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Welcome to the online home of the AWMTB Falcons Team

8X California State Champs, 2009 - 2012, 2015-2018 and 10X NorCal High School Mountain Bike League Champs (2004, 2006, 2009 through 2017)

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Hey Team!  (Yes you) Welcome to Pre Season!  

We are currently in the pre season from now until mid December.  During that time, we are limited to 6 group events and we minimize the training rides and focus on fun.  The season starts after the winter break and we'll begin Sunday training rides (9 AM Deer Park).  Once we get more light in March we'll begin twice weekly training rides after school (~4:15 Deer Park). 


Races begin in late February and go through April/May  


There are four races and one championship, which riders have to qualify for to participate. As far as time commitments, we expect riders to make at least two rides a week when we're doing three.  In the early part of the season it's best to make all the Sunday rides to be properly prepared for racing by end of February.

Go Falcons,





Why haven't you signed up yet?

Riders will not be able to attend events until ALL of thier paperwork is returned.

1.  Sign up here so we know how to contact you

2.  MTB Participation Clearance Form - New Tam District Requirement for 2021-22** 

  • Download and complete this form and have your physician complete pages 5-7

  • Return pages 1-5 by uploading here 

3.  Permission, Waivers & Driver Forms

  • Download and complete this form (can be filled and signed electronically  by downloading and opening in Adobe Acrobat Reader) 

  • Return all pages by uploading here


4.  Auto Policy Declarations

     (Provided by your insurance company, and are required documents in section #3 above)

  • Submit by uploading policy declaration pages here 


5. NICA Registration

  • Once you complete Step 1 above, the parent/guardian will receive an invitation from the coaches to register with NICA. NICA is the governing body for high school mountain biking and our local league (NorCal). As part of registration, you will be required to sign up for races. We recommend that you sign up for all of the available races.


If you enjoy that old school experience and supporting the USPS you can mail your forms to

AW MTB, PO Box 495, San Anselmo, CA 94979


If you have any questions please do not hessitate to contact our director or coaches.  or

Is My rider good enough to join the AWMTB Bike Team?



The bike team welcomes all folks who love to ride and looks forward to teaching riders to race.


How are riders assessed?

At the beginning of each season the team does a time trial ride up Loma Alta in Fairfax. This allows the coaches to assign riders to groups based on their riding ability. Those groups will then ride together for the season.


Can a rider move up in a group?    Yes, with coach permission.


Can a rider ride with a group they are not in?  Yes, with coach permission.


If I miss the time trial, how do I know what group I am in? 

It is strongly recommended that if you are a new rider, you attend the time trial. If this is not possible you should speak to your coaches for assessment and placement.


What are the groups?

Pink – Highest level of performance and endurance

Blue – High level of performance, high endurance

Green – Moderate level of performance and endurance

Purple – Beginner level of performance, moderate endurance.


If you still have questions about our system please do not hesitate to ask a coach.

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